High-end infrastructure

Have peace of mind with fast ticketing at all times
and continuous backups to secure your data.

Ticketing services have to be available and fast at all times to ensure no ticket sales are lost. That’s why we set the bar high and have implemented several best practices to assure the highest quality regarding up-time and speed. Your ticketing operations will run without a glitch, even in the event of technical failures.

The availability and performance of online services can be compromised due to several factors. A surge in traffic generating peak loads on servers can create a surge in required server capacity, which can cause complications such as unavailability or long waiting times. Ongoing product development can also be a source of interruptions when rollouts of upgrades are not properly executed. And unfortunately, there is also the threat of cyberattacks that could hit anyone or any infrastructure.

Ticketmatic has built-in support for handling surges and peak sales and will automatically scale up its servers if needed. When the number of online orders created per minute exceeds a maximum limit, online buyers are placed in an orderly queue (first-come, first-served) and redirected again as capacity becomes available (more on the virtual waiting room).

Ticketmatic servers are hosted on the reliable and secure global cloud infrastructure of AWS (Amazon Web Services). The SLA for AWS EC2 can be found at http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/sla/.

Ticketmatic applies best practices to maximize uptime, including:

  • Avoiding single point of failure across the architecture
  • Balancing the services across multiple availability zones
  • Automated build process with extensive unit and integration testing
  • Fully automated, zero-downtime deployment of new releases

Up-to-date information on the system status is available at status.ticketmatic.com. Here you will find information on the current system status, planned outages or maintenance, and updates in the event of unforeseen failures and incidents.


Ticketmatic takes great care to protect your data. Your database is replicated in real-time to a second data center as a "standby" replica. Replication is always synchronous: database writes are executed simultaneously on both the primary and the standby databases to ensure both are up to date. In the unlikely event of a database failure, a fully automatic failover to the standby database will occur.

Another complete backup of your data, including event information and order transaction logs, is made every night. This backup allows point-in-time recovery to a specific date and time for up to 7 days in the past.

Additional snapshot backups are made according to a fixed daily, weekly and monthly schedule, stored redundantly in a separate location.

  • Daily backups are kept for the last 3 days
  • Weekly backups are kept for the last 3 weeks
  • Monthly backups are kept for the last 6 months
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