A comprehensive API allowing you to integrate Ticketmatic
into your website, planning system, accounting system or any other tool.

The Ticketmatic API offers extensive integration capabilities for all data types such as events, tickets or audiences. This way you can integrate it into other tools that you're using and embed Ticketmatic in your organization.

Many software systems still tend to be rather closed systems, leading to islands of functionality and duplicated data that can easily become out of sync. These data silos make it hard to share data and get a comprehensive view of ticket sales and audiences.

With Ticketmatic you get complete API access. To keep control and to ensure proper functioning of the system, different levels of access are supported so you can control who has access to what.

At the most basic level, access can be given to get information about events, tickets or audiences in a straightforward manner, e.g. to show availability of tickets on your website. Advanced integrations are related to the ticket process and should be handled with caution.

In any event, whatever your integration requirements might be, Ticketmatic has got you covered.

Check out www.ticketmatic.com/docs/api/ for the full API documentation.

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